Attend Canton Fair 2016 For Russia Group Customer


I was invited as the Canton Fair 2016 Chinese Factory Booth Interpreter.

2016 Chinese Canton Fair, this year the exhibition is better than last year, and the host of house appliance hold the meeting especial for Foshan Shunde District, which is famous as the global house appliance town.

Welcome the customers all over the world, and we met many friends and exchange the card. And some customer went to visit the factory that day, that is very near so that it is convenient to visit the factory.

After exhibition, per customer requirement, we drove the customer to the factory directly.

The customer is very satisfied after factory walk we had dinner together, and further discussion about the wholesale 20GP container.

Why the customer decide the purchase the 20GP Purchase so fast after Canton Fair Meeting:

  1. the very profession&beautiful catalog design
  2. there is the sample on the purchase meeting, can show to customer per talking
  3. There is the shopper as the exhibition is very near the Chinese factory.
  4. The Chinese sale and I do the promotion actively
  5. The factory product cooperate with Chinese mainland
  6. Canton Fair Host Support very well

So everything prepared, your job will go very smoothly.

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