Buy from China

We do everything you need to buy from China.

We source & supply products you want to buy from China efficiently at good prices. By cooperating with known good suppliers and our flexibility to source products from factories, trade fairs and wholesale markets and shipping the products to your door, we manage the whole process from start to end.


Direct Factories

We only source direct factories for your products to save cost. If in some cases agreed with you, other types of suppliers like a trading company or wholesaler will also be sourced.

Put your logo on the product

Your logo put on the product. Simply send us your design file and we will put logo on the specific place of the product as required. We can also provide options based on feasibility.


It’s always safe to approve a sample before bulk production. We follow up the sampling process and report to you so you don’t have to keep an eye on it all the time. Spend the time promoting the product and we take care of the sampling.

Contract Signing

We can assist in the process of contract signing, helping to understand the conditions and suggest to you based on our knowledge of businesses in China.

Order Follow-up

Following up an order is hard if you are outside of China, but not with us. We provide order follow up service to efficiently go to the factories and/or supplier to check the production in progress. This will save you time and money coming to China.

Supervise Loading

Logistics is usually a big concern to most of you and so to us. We provide service to go to the factory/supplier to supervise the loading of the products to make sure they are well packed and loaded. So you receive the goods as they are supposed to be.

Arrange Shipping

We have heard too many stories before, about you complaining about the price and service from a shipping agent. You wouldn’t have to suffer from this any more by cooperating with us.

We are in cooperation with dozens of shipping agents with good prices and services to save you cost on shipping and improve satisfaction.

Destination Delivery

Even though destination delivery is not required by most of our customers, there are some who would like us to do the job. We can handle this for you upon request.

After Sales Service

If you have any question regarding the product, supplier or shipping, we can be reached at 7 days a week. Simply contact us via any way and we will be in touch.

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