China furniture market

You have a new design project?
You want to do business with Chinese factories?
Or You just need new furniture for Your home?
All is easy!
Welcome to Chinese wholesale furniture markets!
They are really impressive!
There are millions of design and furniture items and goods for building and interios.
Just imagine the real size of these markets?!
The total area of markets is 3 million and there are more than 200 modern trade centers of more than 3000 of furniture manufacturers.
You can really buy everything here – all material for building, decorating works and all kinds of modern house appliances.
Buying all furniture in Chinese markets is advantageously and common for designers, for your business or if you just want to buy furniture two times cheaper, than you can do it at the local malls.
I can understand that a trip to China and visiting wholesale furniture markets is not the same thing as visiting local furniture mall in your city. You can have some questions, like How? What? Why?
I am ready to answer all your questions and give you and an advice.
My name is Katerina. I live in Guangzhou and I visit wholesale furniture markets every day. I also know all places, where you can buy a certain item, even these places can be in different places of the city. I have 18-years experience of working with furniture markets and in helping people to find and get all items. I also can help you to translate all your orders in Chinese.
I am ready to answer all your questions today with a great pleasure!

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us. It was great to know your experiences and hope you’ll have more customers coming your way.


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