Hire a China sourcing agent / purchasing agent for your business with China

The nature of Interpreter Database is a database of interpreters, who interpret / translate for your needs in China. Our nature will never change.

However, with the growing business with China, many of the clients we’ve worked for tend to ask us to work for them in the long run, ie, working for them as a sourcing agent / purchasing agent. This is because it’s wise for the customer to do so and beneficial for both parties.


Customers can save money and time

For our customers, they save money and time. Paying a visit to China will cost hundreds – thousands of dollars and normally 1-2 weeks. For busy entrepreneurs and businessmen, they don’t think it’s wise to do everything by themselves, like order follow up etc. Instead, they choose to spend the time promoting the product or doing something else more important.

Interpreters make use of their advantage and improve customer satisfaction

For interpreters, they can do it easily in terms of transportation as they are mainly located in China. They are also experienced and know about Chinese businesses, and thus, the job can be well done at a lower cost. In the process of cooperation, interpreters will also get to know customers better and learn to improve their service practically.

If you are interested in having a sourcing agent working for you on a monthly or yearly base, please let us know your detailed requirement and we will get back to you with an experienced interpreter in your field at the quickest manner.

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