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Why Should You Visit a Trade Fair / Show?

  1. Top quality international, business to business events serving specialized industry sectors.
  2. A highly targeted audience of your fellow industry professionals.
  3. The most cost effective means of sourcing products, services and information in your industry.
  4. Direct personal access to the suppliers of the leading technology.
  5. The opportunity to question, examine and compare the performance of competitive suppliers from around the world.
  6. New product launches with linked conferences, exhibitor seminars and networking events.
  7. The most time efficient forum to keep up to date with new to market technology, state of the art products, innovations and developments in your market.
  8. An excellent track record of introducing thousands of international companies to new regional partners, importers, agents and distributors.
  9. New business opportunities by providing direct negotiation with exhibitor’s senior decision makers.

Possible Inconveniences You May Encounter During Your Visit to China


Chinese language is a totally different system from English and most Chinese people don’t speak English well enough for a smooth communication (though most people can speak a little bit).


This is a big topic. The way Chinese people think about life, business etc. may be very different from what you think. Check out more about Chinese culture.


Planes and trains are no problem as they are both in two languages: Chinese and English.

Taxi and private cars will be a problem.

Most taxi drivers don’t speak English. If you want to take a taxi, it is suggested to have your destination address written in Chinese on a piece of paper so you can show them.

If you want to rent a car without an assistant who speaks Chinese, you probably have to refer to the hotel you stay in (even though the receptionists may not speak good English also in most hotels with exception of fancy star hotels).

Our Interpreters Make Your Visit Hassle-Free

If you just want to make it easy.

Most of our interpreters are Chinese who speak a foreign language well and have rich experiences in international trade.

Having an interpreter for your trip is undoubtedly the easiest and most practical way to ensure a successful trip to China.

Our interpreters are able to give suggestions on travel, choosing suppliers etc. which are valuable for you, especially in terms of choosing a supplier.

Please contact us if you have any needs or questions. We’re always happy to do our best to serve our customers.

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