How to choose a good interpreter in China

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There are loads of options online but how to choose a good interpreter in China if you travel to cities like guangzhou, shenzhen and dongguan?

I think it is important that you communicate your requests clearly through email and if it is possible, before you settle down an option, it is important that you talk with this interpreter through whatsapp or phone calls just to make sure both of you understand each other well. Personally, I have done interpretation jobs for clients from many countries so usually before they finish a sentence, I already know the rest of the words they wanna talk about. I think it is about connection and ability to understand people real fast.

Also, you need to look for an interpreter that protects your interests. For me, I always try to protect my clients’ interests with  my best efforts. For example, I once travelled to a place with no taxi in a small town and I called around my friends to hire a private driver with the best price for them. I think it is my responsibility to help my clients locate the best service with the best price.

If you need to find an interpreter in guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, zhongshan, dongguan, foshan  (guangdong area in China,) please check my profile and contact me. I hope to provide you good service.

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