My experience in Huzhou city


I’m on a business travel these days in Huzhou and Changshu, because of the BRICS conference, all the places have very strict control, I thought it’s only about Xiamen, but acctually it’s not like that, Xiamen city and all the cities near by, will be controlled more strict than before.

So if you are travelling to these places, make sure that you could have enough time to prepare for your transportation to catch your flight, meeting, or train.

I had a experience want to share with you:

My client and me were travelling and we followed the GPS to get on the high speed road, near Xiamen city, the police stopped us and want to make the regular checking, but my client didn’t bring his passport with him, it’s a big problem, we have to follow the police to go to the nearest police station and confirm my client’s ID, then we can leave, but it spent us the whole afternoon time and we can’t have enough time for our meeting. And when we got back, we can’t go through the way we came, we can’t get on high speed, we have to take the slow road, because our car license plate is not Fujian province. So the whole day was a wasting time.

I just want to share with everyone of my experience and hope everyone could enjoy their trip in China.

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