Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Wholesale Markets

  1. Guangzhou ShaXi International Hotel Articles City

Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City is the largest hotel article wholesale market in China until now. Here assembles top class brand hotel article from domestic and overseas.

Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City mainly deals in ceramic dishware, glassware, kitchen equipment, stainless steel product, fabric cloth and grass, hall article, guest-room article, hotel electric appliance, food packing, office stationary, cleanser and safe article, twelve series and more than hundreds of thousands of products.

ADDRESS: Shaxi Road, Lopu, Panyu, Guangzhou, China


  1. Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel facility trading center (formerly Nantian trading city) was developed by Nantian Plaza Development Co, Ltd. in 1999. It is a comprehensively professional trading market in Guangzhou.

Main Products:

  • Kitchen equipment and utensils of Chinese and western styles, Buffet restaurant facilities, porcelain and glass products
  • Freezers, cold room/storage, ice-maker
  • Bathroom and bedroom equipment and products, wool knitted products
  • Fire-protection equipment, locks, safes, transport carts
  • Machine cleansing equipment, cleaning liquids and products, health care products, plastic products
  • Elevators, headboard control panel, lighting etc.

ADDRESS: Guangzhou Road South and the north-west corner of Luo Xi Bridge, Guangzhou



  1. Transportations are not really convenient for these two wholesale markets yet. So I suggest you to take taxi to these two place directly.
  1. In these two markets, some of them are direct suppliers who has their own factories, but some are just wholesaler. So you need to check carefully if you are looking for factory.

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3 thoughts on “Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Wholesale Markets”

  1. This is useful information when a foreigner wants to know where to find hotel supply markets in Guangzhou, China. I’ve been to these places and they do have some good stuff. Some have their own factories and some are distrubutors. But anyway, this is a good place to start.

  2. Visited again in the past week in these markets with my Indian clients. I found out that in these two markets if your quantity is high, you can try to negotiate with the suppliers to get a good price. But in the meantime you need to be careful about when you offer them a lower price, and they agree with the price which you offer to make the order. You had better have someone to do inspection for you before the shippment. Because some supplier may trick you. They think as they lower the price for you, in the meantime they are going to lower the quality also.


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