Guangzhou interpreter sharing some thoughts about interpretation in China

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I live near one of the biggest fabrics markets in Guangzhou, all fabrics wholesalers come here to purchase fabrics, it is called zhongda fabrics market. I once helped clients to buy fabrics there and in fact, except for one building down at the end of the street, in other buildings, they sell cheap domestic fabrics. So if you are coming here, you need to know which building is for export fabrics.

Also, I wanna share with you a wonderful place for hair products, cosmetics products wholesalers. It is called meibocheng 美博城, here, you can find many people exporting cheap hair, eyelashes, lipsticks, other makeups and so on. If you are wholesalers looking for beauty products wholesale market in guangzhou, i recommend here. I am an experienced interpreter so if you look for help in guangzhou or in guangdong area in China, please check my profile and contact me.

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