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Hi there, this is James Wang saying hello to you from Guangzhou, China. For an escort translator & interpreter working primarily in Guangzhou and neighboring cities, I am interested in visiting manufacturers and suppliers on the Pearl Delta who are capable of developing new products and create new stuff for consumers at home and abroad. If you are thinking of sourcing any commodities, seeking potential suppliers or expecting to develop anything new, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Working experience: For 20 years, I’ve been a freelance translator of technical documents, and my clients are mostly manufacturers who export their products worldwide. These manufacturers make various  machinery, auto parts, air-conditioners, LED products, decorative lamps, cleaning machines & consumables, packing & printing materials, apparel & shoes, leather & leather goods, etc. From time to time, I have clients from abroad coming to visit their suppliers and I serve as their escort interpreter. This is an interesting job and I enjoy working as an agent to overcome the language barrier and see them accomplish their mission in Guangzhou, China. Communications: Cell phone is always a quick way to reach people and to test whether your future translator speaks English well. However, it’s also strongly recommended that you send an email to explain the nature and purpose of your visit, particularly your line of business and your potential contact in China. If you are new here and expect to establish contact with manufacturers, it would be convenient to include your company website link in your email. It’s the best way for your translator to learn which line of business you are in and what kind of suppliers might be the right target. About the translation service: When you plan your visit to China, I guess you know already that this country is actually a big factory, where everything that you can think of is possibly made and sold here. I’m personally interested in the development of new products. If you are looking for something technically complicated and the interpreting requires a technical background, I might be the right choice to you. I’m one of the few Chinese people who have been trained as a translator with a science background, and I’ve been doing technical translation for quite some time. What else can I do for you? Apart from translating for you during your meeting with your suppliers and your stay in China, I also arrange your local transport and accommodation, organize your visit to suppliers in different regions, and look after your business here once you finish your journey and return to your home country. If you wish to set up an office here, I will be glad to help out to rent office space and to recruit local staff for you. China is a large and promising country full of business opportunities. Come whenever you can and have a look yourself. Let’s see what we can do to broaden your business horizon.

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