How to apply the badge for Canton Fair?


Canton Fair is coming soon. Many buyers who are the first time to visit canton fair will have questions of how to get a entrance card for the Canton Fair.

For example: Where can I apply? How can I apply? How much do I need to pay? And so on.

To make your visit more efficiency, you can first apply from the Canton Fair website and apply your invitation letter and do Pre-application for buyer badge. With the invitation letter you can go to apply for your visa to China. And remember to take your E- invitation letter with you. So when you arrive in Guangzhou you can go to the fair and find the right place to get a buyer badge. With the E-invitation letter you can get it for free otherwise you need to pay 100CNY to make it.

When you go to make the badge, don’t forget to take your passport, name card and a identification photo. Otherwise, you will need to pay 35RMB to take a photo there.

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6 thoughts on “How to apply the badge for Canton Fair?”

  1. Thank you Angela. I like the articles you shared with us. They are very helpful for foreign buyers coming to China for the first time.

    And to Answer Claire’s questions, as far as know only foreigners (also those with a HK, TW and Macau ID) can register as a Buyer. A Chinese from China mainland can register as a buying agent.

  2. Hi Claire, it cost 300RMB per day plus 35RBM of the badge cost for a Chinese buyer. The title for the badge is purchasing agent. As translators, we can’t make this badge without the company of foreigners.

  3. 300 RMB is a little bit expensive for getting the badge, but it is worth if the clients can make the order and use us as to be their sourcing agent.


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