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Many people asked how to go to Yiwu china.

Yes,,many people start want to know Yiwu and want to do business Yiwu market which is the largest commodity market.

So I think I could help on you.

If your country have flight from your city to China following city,you can go directly these city and than go to YIwu.
1,From Shanghai / pudong Airport to Yiwu /Yiwu fair

2,From Guangzhou / Canton Fair to Yiwu / Yiwu fair

3,From Shenzhen to Yiwu / Yiwu fair

4,From Shantou to Yiwu / Yiwu fair

5,From Beijing / Peking to Yiwu / Yiwu fair

6,From Tianjing to Yiwu / Yiwu fair

7,From Kunming to YIwu / Yiwu fair

8,From Qingdao to Yiwu / Yiwu fair

From Shanghai / Pudong Airport to Yiwu

a, Fast train to Yiwu only 2 hours from Shanghai

b, Normal train to yiwu only 3hours and 30 munites from shanghai (every hour have a train to Yiwu)

c, Bus to yiwu only 4hours.

d, Taxi or Private business car from shanghai to Yiwu only 5hours and they always charge 800rmb to 1000rmb..If you want several people together,it will be cheaper.

Guangzhou (canton fair) / Baiyun Airport to Yiwu

a, Flights to yiwu

1) Departure 09:30, Arrive 11:15, CZ3727.

2) Departure 11:20, Arrive 13:10, CZ3883.

3) Departure 14:35, Arrive 16:20, CZ3795 .

4) Departure 16:10, Arrive 17:50, CZ3309.

5) Departure 19:45, Arrive 21:30, CZ3886.

b,Trains to Yiwu

1) Departure 08:30, Arrive Second day 01:01, K528.

2) Departure 13:58, Arrive Second day 05:51, T170.

3) Departure 15:22, Arrive Second day 08:32, K210 / K211 .

c, Bus to Yiwu

1) Departure 18:30, Arrive Second day morning, From South Yuexiu bus station in Guangzhou
2) Departure 14:20 and 18:20, Arrive Second day morning. from Tianhe bus station in guangzhou

3) Departure 14:00 ,17:30 and 18:30, Arrive Second morning. from Guanyuan bus station

Note: It’s last choice to take bus from Guangzhou to Yiwu.It will take 12 or 13 hours and charge 300rmb.But for some bus they just drop you off at the high way entrance to Yiwu.So you have to take a taxi to go to Yiwu.

Hope it works for you , and have a nice day , welcome to ask more information


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