Importance of the preparation for sourcing task


Many sourcing agent start to sourcing the product only after their clients arrive in China, however, I think that is a big mistake. Unless the clients contact the sourcing agent after they arrive in China, the sourcing agent must do lots of preparation for the sourcing if they know the clients before their clients come to China in stead of just doing nothing and start to do everything only after their client’s arrival in China.


As a sourcing agent if you only start to do sourcing after your client’s arrival, then in most case you will not have enough time, because many clients only stay in your city in just 2 to 5 days or even 1 day, and everyday is 24 hours, and most of the factories would only open for 12 hours per days, and that means your working hour must less than 12 hours per day as well. So if you try to contact with your client and know what he really wants and do the research, and find the alternative options for the factories you may work with, and do the comparison, and arrange for your factory visit, negotiation, and I am sure that 12 hours is not enough for you handle too many things like I just mentioned.


So it is vey important that you have very efficient and sufficient communication between you have your clients before they come to China. You must know which products he want to purchase in DETAIL, and not just a general concept. For example, some clients said they want to purchase the TV, and you must ask them the brand name, quantity, size, material, production lead time, shipping lead time of the TV they want, and ask them to send you the specification and photo in detail.


You need to find and negotiate with the supplier and arrange the factory visit before your client come to China, and is always much more better to let your clients know everything in detail before they come to China. So this avoid to start everything only after you meet your client in China, and you have sufficient time to guarantee and flexibility and minimize the risk.


This is my sharing experience, and I hope that can at least provide some concept and ideas to my friends in the sourcing industry, thanks.


This is Michael, an experienced INTERPRETER, SOURCING AGENT and TOUR GUIDE who can work anywhere in China. I had study in Canada and Switzerland for more than 10 years, and this long time oversea background help me more understanding my client’s need and have very efficient communication. With our Service, it will help make your trip very profitable, enjoyable, and comfortable. Moreover, you could overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap easily with our assistance which will save your valuable time.


Best regard


Michael Huang


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11 thoughts on “Importance of the preparation for sourcing task”

  1. the preparation is really really important, because the business trip of our clients has only very limited time.

    • get the information from the clients first, and must know the detail information of the product he want, and then search like at least 5 factories, and compare the price, service and quality, and then finally make the decision.

  2. can’t agree more………even just as translator, to do preparation and learn something about those products in advance is always necessary, not to mention sourcing


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