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For a trip, an escape from all the trivialities in life, where do you want to go? A crowded, bustling city or an endless blue world?

There is nothing like diving into the deep blue ocean, beholding colorful corals and all kind of fishes, swimming with bizarre sea creatures. Nearly 71% of the earth is covered by ocean. And diving enables you to discover a whole new world of your own. If surfing is a combat with the force of the ocean, diving is an intimate romance with the gentle deep ocean. Among all different types of diving, scuba diving and free diving are the most popular. Scuba diving requires professional training and certification, while free diving is basically about diving into water by holding your breath for as long as you can with no need for breathing apparatus. Among all extreme sports currently known, free diving was ranked the second most dangerous by Forbes right after sky diving.

Although diving can be somewhat dangerous, it never stopped adventurous diving lovers. Because life is never complete without diving, without immersing yourself in the tranquility of the depths of the ocean and having a sober conversation with yourself. When it comes to diving, people invariably think of Indonesia’s Raja Ampat and Manado, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands and Egypt’s Red Sea, but these places all seem far way. For those who desire for a diving trip without travelling out of China, where can they go?

Dapeng, hidden in the southern Chinese city, Shenzhen, with a sea area of 305 square kilometers, is indeed a world-class beach resort. It is the most beautiful in summer. With abundant sunlight, weaves and golden beaches, it’s the best natural harbor in southern China. There are all types of fishes and corals in all four seasons. As fishes migrate in April and May, you can even get a chance to see spectacular sights of sharks, turtles and sea wolf packs etc.

Some boat on the sea to contemplate the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, while others dive deep down to explore a totally different new world. Recently, diving in Shenzhen has become more and more popular. Yangmeiken, with water so clear that rocks in it can be clearly seen, accredited to be the most beautiful vale in Shenzhen, was a filming site of The Mermaid directed by Stephen Chow. In the presence of such clear ocean water, all you can think of is diving into the very bottom of it to have a date with flocks of fishes hidden in the corals.

Lover’s Island at Xichong is also a romantic destination, especially for lovers. When you are at Xichong, the best preserved and the most beautiful beach in Shenzhen, you can miss on everywhere else but you can’t miss on diving here. Xichong has the best water quality and corals in the whole China, and Lover’s Island is only 5 minutes away by speed boat. Endless white beach surrounds the entire island. It’s said that, it is also home to the largest number of clownfish in Shenzhen, giving you a great chance to encounter Nemo in the movie Finding Nemo, allowing the entire ocean to witness your jump of joy.

Big Sanmen Island & Small Sanmen Island Diving Base is one of the best preserved islands currently in China, only 1.5 sea miles from Dapeng Peninsula, renounced as a diving resort in the Pearl River Delta. Without any river flowing in within 2000 square kilometers, the sea water is extremely clear with 12-meter visibility, and indeed is naturally a diving resort. Sanmen Islands, with the most beautiful corals in Shenzhen, more than 400 species of sea creatures, has everything you can ever expect for.

Many people say, diving gives them a sense of tranquility they rarely had. While in Shenzhen, you just need a bit of courage to have your dream diving experience. When you are indeed in the blue world, you will find out it’s not just a trip to the ocean, but more of a discovery trip to your heart.

Tips for Shenzhen Diving Resorts:

1. Coastal Park in Jin Shawan: With a total coastline of 3 kilometers, vast sea area, clean water and beautiful scenery, it’s a filming site for the reality show Give Me Five. In addition to diving, other activities such as jet skiing, flying on water, sailing, public benefit diving, fishing and sightseeing, canoeing, paddling tec. are also available, making it the best destination for team building and partying.

2. Seashell Bay Diving Resort: Facing Tung Ping Chau Island in HK, with a mysterious underwater garden, clear and clean sea water, spectacular and bazaar seafloor, it’s a private beach sort, best for divers who like quiet.

3. CHINADIVE SCUBA WORLD: If you never dived before, you may try indoor diving at CHINADIVE SCUBA WORLD. It’s safer and open to kids as well, allowing you to explore with a peace of mind.

4. Shenzhen Haiyuan Diving: Known as the most beautiful vale in Shenzhen, with a colorful and wonderful sea world full of all kinds of tropical fish, clownfish, plaice, queen angelfish, mullet, it’s your optimal choice of destination for sea world sightseeing and diving.

—— Translated by Katherine Xuan from Chinese to English










1. 金沙湾滨海公园:沙滩总长约3公里,海域广阔,水质好、景色美,是国内知名真人秀节目《高能少年团》外景拍摄地。除了浮潜,还有摩托艇、水上飞人、公益潜水、帆船、海钓观光、皮划艇、桨板等,是团建和聚会的极佳选择。

2. 海贝湾潜水基地:这一私家沙滩直面香港东平洲岛,有一片神奇的海底花园,海水清澈无污染,海底景观造型奇特,适合喜欢安静潜水的朋友。

3. 中潜潜水世界:如果你未曾潜水过,可以先尝试中潜潜水世界的室内潜水,其安全系数也会高一些,在这里,你可以尽情遨游,还可以带上小朋友。

4. 深圳海缘潜水:堪称深圳最美的溪谷,是深圳东部潜水的好地方,海底世界色彩缤纷,各类热带鱼、小丑鱼、鲽鱼、皇后神仙、胭脂鱼,海底世界色彩缤纷,如果想去邂逅海底风光,好奇于海底生物,这也是深圳潜水去处的不二之选。

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