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I’m doing research and sourcing for some clients these days for jewelry, metal jewelry, like silver, gold, 18k gold, pt, let me introduce the difference between them.

Silver: pure white color, strands for love, pure and clear, good for body to wear, but if people don’t wear them for a long time, better put them into a closed box or something like that, otherwise silver will become black color in air and can’t look the same as before.

Gold: shining color, people normally prefer to wear gold jewelry as much as possible for wedding because it stands for fortune, gold will not change color no matter how long time it is, very easy to take care.

18k gold: harder than silver and gold, its normally 75% gold and 25% other expensive metals, easy to make it into different shape and hard enough to catch diamond, a lot of diamond jewelry is made by 18k gold. It has three different color, gold, rose gold, and silver, for silver color, as time goes by, it may change into a little big yellow color like gold, because it’s included gold in it and the coating silver color metal may be lost after a long time wearing.

Pt: pure white and very expensive, the highest price than any other metals, stands for love, pure and white, currently the diamond ring is mostly using pt metal as their basic metal to catch diamond and make different shape, pt is not as hard as 18k gold but still very easy to make shape and easy to keep.


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3 thoughts on “Jewelry Difference”

  1. This information is not only useful for our buying knowledge but also useful for our daily life when we buy jewelry. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, and I can use this information to purchase the jewelry difference for my clients, thanks a lot.

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