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1 vote

Awesome James. I totally agree with you on this. Of course, I’ve recieved such impromptu calls as well. Your suggestion is of great value for future customers who plan to visit China for business.

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Good suppliers provide good products and services and, more importantly are willing and able to understand the requirements of their customers. When a customer is frustrated at the poor communication with the supplier and cannot get himself understood, he will surely shy away from you. Good communicative skills, a basic understanding of the cultural background of the customer and a willingness to serve are necessary attributes of a good supplier.

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The more you read, the more you speak and learn, the better your interpreting skills are. As well as you need to get more experience.

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To the best of my knowledge, James mentioned all the available transportations to travel from Baiyun Airport to downtown Guangzhou. In addition to his information, I would just like to add that Guangzhou roads can get very busy at most of the times. Taking taxi or other similar services on the road is not a very feasible option when you are in a hurry, while the subway can provide a rather accurate ETA.


  • Cheaper than taxi/ other alternatives
  • Accurate ETA, easier to plan for a meeting


  • The map is a little complicated and you may plan in advance so to avoid any confusion (We are always here to help, of course!)
  • You might just have to squeeze into the crowded subway cabin.


1 vote

I know very less about the evaluation of ‘good supplier’ on Alibaba, but i believe, generally speaking, those are good suppliers if they can provide excellent products or services with competitive pricing, with rather good servicing manner … it’s the same everywhere …

1 vote

Thank you for sharing this platform for us. it’s a perfect bridge for people looking for translator and translator looking for work.

1 vote

Interpreting is a practical skill, not fancy high-tech. We can follow the saying: practice makes perfect. However, no house can be built on the beach. Interpreting skill also needs a firm foundation. For school students, the emphasis may not be on interpreting practice, but on reading enough, listening enough and repeating enough. Here I intentionally avoid the term of speaking. Before we are sufficiently familiar with the language, that is, our eye sees no exotic words, our ear hears no Greek, our tongue does not twister at English, and more importantly, our  mind no longer dwells on CHINESE, speaking is out of the question. As the Chinese saying goes: a brook without a source, and a tree without a root. Ok, back to the point: my suggestion is, listen to standard English radio for 2 hours a day, and read 2 novels a week in the library, and read anything in English as much time as possible in the open air. And, if it’s possible, repeat to fellow students or friends whatever you have read, listened or seen in English. It’s much better than the so-called Practice Speaking.

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From my point of view, it’s very important to accumulate more experiences of interpreting. Most customers prefer to work with someone who is experienced in their product. So my suggestion would be to try to obtain more opportunities to work as an interpreter and you’ll improve gradually.

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This website serves clients and translators alike and, from the point of view of a service provider, it’s a wonderful platform to exhibit our strengths. Thanks.

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practice myself 、broaden my eyesight and earn money

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)

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