Private car rental from HK airport to Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Dongguan etc.


If you have many luggage or tired of transfer from here to there, to rent a private car for youself is a wise decision.

The private car(for 2-3 persons) from HK airport to Shenzhen or Dongguan or Guangzhou address cost around 200-350USD depends on the address and car type you requested. sure,they might charge you extra if it is luxury car and remore area.

After you pay deposit for the car, they will arrange car driver to print/write your name and flight No. in a paper to welcome you in the exist. sure the driver might be some minutes late–we met such situation once.

The driver will call the translator to report that they have client on board or translator will call to confirm. Then driver will take you to the address you specified before.

Normally you dont have to get off the car unless the customs has special request.

Pay the balance in RMB when you arrive destination and relax…

Please notice normally the driver doesn’t take USD unless they agree in advance.

Enjoy your journey…


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