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Hi, my name is Jack, who was born in Guangzhou china, native cantonese. I have the license of China English Tour Guide。
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Dear Friend: There will be a few section to introduce me

Knowing about me in one minute:

Hi, my name is Jack, who was born in Guangzhou china, native cantonese. My hobby is Pingpang and travel. And I have been to USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Fiji, Korean, Thailand, Malaysia.

I have the license of China English Tour Guide。

My growth process:

So I know about many culture and history of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, because we speak the same language and located at the same province of China.

When I was a child, I often like using English to talk with foreigners, which makes my English is the best subject since I was child. And my major in the university was Japanese. Therefore, I can speak English , Japanese, Mandarin and Caontonese.

After my Graduation, I really like using my language skill to communicate with foreigners to know more the world. So, I had the exam for China English Tour Guide and I got the license of it.

Experience as a tour guide:

I have worked as a tour guide in Fiji and China, helping Australian ,US,
UK,and other countries people travelling and do doing business in China.

Why choose travel in Guangzhou and Shenzhen:

1. About Guangzhou

The food capital of South China and a centuries-old trading hub, Guangzhou has transformed into a quintessential modern Chinese city while holding on to its unique Cantonese identity for generations.

This is a destination for those who want to experience an ancient civilization that is galvanized with modernity and innovation.

Business point of view, it is famous for China Import and Export Canton Fair Organised by China Foreign Trade Centre.

2. About Shenzhen

Shenzhen, one of the top ten urban metropolitan areas in China by size as well as population, is an important city in the mainland as it is the neighbouring and closest city to the important port of Hong Kong. Shenzhen was designated as the first SEZ or special economic zone within China in 1980 when the country decided to modernise the economy.

Other attractions in Shenzhen include shopping malls, a thriving nightlife, etc.

Expectation with you:

I am a kind and helpful friend for you in China. I will accord your require to adjust my plan for visiting. Lets enjoy the trip in China.

Thank you
Date of Birth
September 30, 1990
English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese
Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Escort & Liaison Interpretation
Interpreter, Sourcing/Purchasing Agent, Quality Inspection, Shipping Arrangement, Business Assistant, Car Rental, Airport/Train Station Pickup, Hotel Reservation, Tour Guide
Agriculture & Food, Apparel & Textiles & Accessories, Auto & Transportation, Bags & Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Electrical Equipment & Components & Telecoms, Gifts & Sports & Toys, Health & Beauty, Home & Lights & Construction, Machinery & Industrial Parts & Tools, Metallurgy & Chemicals & Rubber & Plastics, Packaging & Advertising & Office
Travel To
Shenzhen, HongKong, Dongguan
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