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April Xu
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Certified & Experienced English-Mandarin Interpreter; Business Assistant; Tour Guide
About me

I'm a certified English-Chinese interpreter with over 4 years' experience.

I possess a bachelor degree in English translation & interpretation and know a little bit about German and Japanese.

During the years, I have acquired abundant knowledge in certain fields such as silk, silk embroidery, Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy, pearls, tea, electronics, cellphone accessories, headphones, cosmetics, fashion, dentures, ophthalmology, landscape architecture etc.

I learn very fast and I always make thorough research and preparations before I do the interpretation. Therefore I could easily handle a interpretation project even it's out of my comfort zone.

I'm easygoing, energetic and considerate, and I like helping my clients in every way.

I'm a great fan of literature, movies, talk-shows, politics ,history, yoga, meditation etc. So I'm positive that you will not feel bored if you choose me as your interpreter whether you visit China for fun or for business.

Some of my Job experiences are listed as follows:
2018/05: Interpreted for German ophthalmologist Dr. Lippl during his visit to China for a seminar
2015/06: Interpreted for South- African orthodontist Royce when he visited a denture-manufacturing factory
2014/11: Interpreted for Swiss manager Mr. Champond when he came to China to sign a contract
2014/11 Interpreted for the boss of “DO EauGrace”, Miss Kanako, during her business trip to Shenzhen China
2014/08 Guided for foreign tourists to the famous “Sanxia Village” in Yichang city
2014/08 Interpreted for Chinese painter Mr. Zhang as he gave lectures on Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy, silk embroidery and pearls.
2014/07: Interpreted for a painter selling painted “snuff-bottles” to foreigners
Date of Birth
October 8, 1991
Interpreter, Business Assistant, Car Rental, Airport/Train Station Pickup, Hotel Reservation, Tour Guide
Agriculture & Food, Apparel & Textiles & Accessories, Auto & Transportation, Bags & Shoes & Accessories, Electrical Equipment & Components & Telecoms, Gifts & Sports & Toys, Health & Beauty, Metallurgy & Chemicals & Rubber & Plastics, Packaging & Advertising & Office
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Guangzhou, HongKong, Zhuhai
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