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Italian and Chinese Mandarin's Native, with experience in translation for more than 5 years
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Hello everybody, my name's Carlo and my nationality is Italian. I have been studing in Italy up to highschool and then I moved to China to work as an interpreter/translator: I worked two years in italian companies (plastic and sanitary ware) in Guangdong, then I started to be a freelancer interpreter. I have been learning Chinese with a private teacher since when I was in middle school and I never stopped to study it (this is my sixth year in China), so I consider myself to have both Italian and Chinese Mandarin as mother tongues. I had my Bachelor in Law here in Canton (SunYat Sen University) and, even if I couldn't take part in the Chinese Bar Exam (foreigners are not allowed to be lawyer in China) still I have a legal background and some experience in the field, since that I also l had an intership in a Law Firm situated in Zhujiang New Town, Canton: I am one of the few (maybe the only one) Italians with a bachelor degree in Law in all Mainland China.
I am fully fluent in Italian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and English, and furthermore I can speak pretty well also Portuguese, Spanish and French. Recently I have reached also a medium level of Vietnamese, which I have been learning by myself during my spare time in the last two years.
I can provide translation and interpreting service at reasonable price, especially for Italian, Chinese and English. Waiting to hear from you!
Date of Birth
June 1, 1992
English-Chinese, Spanish-Chinese, Portuguese-Chinese, Italian-Chinese, French-Chinese
Interpreter, Airport/Train Station Pickup, Hotel Reservation, Tour Guide
Agriculture & Food, Apparel & Textiles & Accessories, Auto & Transportation, Bags & Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Electrical Equipment & Components & Telecoms, Gifts & Sports & Toys, Health & Beauty, Home & Lights & Construction, Machinery & Industrial Parts & Tools, Metallurgy & Chemicals & Rubber & Plastics, Packaging & Advertising & Office
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Guangzhou, Shenzhen, HongKong, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhuhai
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