Purchasing scarves in China? You have to pay a visit here.


Scarves play an important role in fashion accessories, they are not just to keep you warm, but also make you chic.

Fashion scarves, beach scarves, winter scarves, silk scarves, Chiffon scarves, the Muslim scarves…

No matter what kind of scarves you are looking for, you can find those with various styles and patterns here in Yiwu market.

(Stand on the beginning of one street, you cannot see the end.)

The scarves exhibition area located in Yiwu international trade city, district 3, floor 4. There are over 1,000 showrooms here, offer customer endless options. If you also buy from Alibaba, you  will  find out, most of the styles can see here, but at affordable price and in much lower MOQ.

These are the booth mainly sell chiffon and voile fabric scarves with various patterns. No matter where are you from, always can meet your needs.

Most of the designs minimum order quantity are 200pcs each color. If you pick more design, even can buy 100-150pcs each colors. But as we all know, the more quantity you buy, the better price you can get.

Here is the supplier that one of our client always buy for winter scarves, warm and cozy. Most of the winter scarves made of acrylic, some of them contain some wool. So the cost will be slight higher than regular summer scarves. Expect the material, the cost also decide by the size, weight and workmanship. However, no matter how do we compare, quality, lead time, price…It has obvious advantage compare with other purchasing channels.

Fur infinite scarves also a good option for winter scarves. You can pick colors from the displayed samples, also can pick your own color from the swatch. If you have your own idea want to make some changes, it’s easy to implement here. And before you place the order, the supplier will make the sample for you confirm.

This is the professional manufacture for silk scarf. Silk scarf is Chinese traditional specialty, is good both as gift and for order. As they are made of silk, which is delicate and  natural material, the cost will be kind of high. But for some high-end market, and customer pursue high quality of life, silk scarf will be a good option. Just because of the relative high cost of silk scarf, most of the manufacture prepare some stock, most of the designs in the shop have stock. So you can start with lower quantity to test the market. And if they turn out to be pretty well, you also can get goods supplement quickly.


If you donot have high requirement on the style but is sensitive about the price, there is another scarves market you have to visit.

Yiwu inventory street of scarves

All the booths here sell stock, you can start your treasure hunt there. Be patient and careful, you also can find some chic styles and get them at very attractive price,that means you can maximize your profit.


But also because of they are stock, some of the styles will be no stable, for example, you got them for this time, next time if you want to re-order, maybe the stock already sold out. If want to order for production, the cost will be higher than stock.

If you cannot come to China in person, we can help you to source, just need to tell us the material, style you want to do and some other necessary details.

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  1. If you are visiting Guangzhou for the wholesale market, you can visit Wanfu Road and Taikang Road for the same product. What’s more in Taikang Road market, you can also find other accessories like necklace, bracelet and so on.


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