Means of Transport Between Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Downtown Guangzhou


Travel between the airport and downtown is much easier than before. In the past, local people took the shuttle bus to catch a plane, and visitors from outside the city hailed a cab. Now there are more options. The Guangzhou Subway is already open, and a stop is right under the terminal building. It’s a sure way to reach many a resort downtown Guangzhou. The taxi is an OLD invention. But Uber and its Chinese version, DiDi, have given it wings. Through Uber and DiDi, you can call an OFFICIAL Taxi, or a private car, which is running side by side with taxis. Of course, you can also take the shuttle bus. It travels not only into the downtown but also sends you to many neighboring cities on the Pearl Delta.

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To the best of my knowledge, James mentioned all the available transportations to travel from Baiyun Airport to downtown Guangzhou. In addition to his information, I would just like to add that Guangzhou roads can get very busy at most of the times. Taking taxi or other similar services on the road is not a very feasible option when you are in a hurry, while the subway can provide a rather accurate ETA.


  • Cheaper than taxi/ other alternatives
  • Accurate ETA, easier to plan for a meeting


  • The map is a little complicated and you may plan in advance so to avoid any confusion (We are always here to help, of course!)
  • You might just have to squeeze into the crowded subway cabin.


  • Angela Feng
    I agree with Jeff, if you arrived guangzhou in rush hours like 7:30~10:00am or 4:00~7:30pm, it is better to take subway/metro to go out/in the airport. It will provide you a guarantee for time issue. But please noted if you arrive Guangzhou late evening after 10:30pm, check with the officer to see if the line which you are going to take is still running or do you have enough time to catch up the other train if you need to transfer to other line (airport is located in line 3).
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This is useful information indeed.

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Great information, thanks! Will use it while in Guangzhou)

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