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Sometimes phone calls reach me from new clients, telling me they are in Guangzhou and need intepreting services. I’m always doubtful about such calls. As an experienced interpreter, I know a well organized business trip starts with preparations at least two weeks before the clients set out from their home country. They need to inform their suppliers, book interpreters and leave them some time to prepare for the organization of the travel, accommodation and meeting. However, such impromptu calls do come, and the fact is, either the client does arrive empty hand and find himself stuck in negotiations, or, he has booked an interpreter but for some reason, the interpreter lets him down.

So, I think it’s recommendable that any clients wishing to do business smoothly book an interpreter before they start for China, and they had better communicate a little with their interpreter by emails and over the phone, which will to some extent accertain whether the interpreter is qualified or truely interested in their business.

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