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My name is Tatyana Daneliya, I’m a Business meeting  Interpreter, who holds a bachelor degree in Chinese language and culture at Shanghai university.  I am a speak read and write Chinese, English and Russian with fluency and have worked as a language interpreter  for over 5 years. As an independent freelance language interpreter I primarily utilize active listening skills to translate the verbal word from one language to another. I strive to ensure effective and efficient communication across languages. I have provided my skills as a language interpreter to business people from different countries (Spain, Latvia, Canada, Poland,USA, China, Russia, India and etc.).

The Chinese market is open to everyone, whether your a buyer, seller or a tourist,  I will help to make your trip profitable, memorable and very enjoyable. I am providing services as your tour guide, personal secretary, interpreter.  Using my service you can save your time and your money, avoide the language barrier and cultural misunderstandings.

I am specializing on:
– Factory / Suppliers Visiting ( sourcing factory, liaison, itinerary arrangement, airport pick up, hotel booking)

– Negotiation ( pricing, quality, delivery)

– Exhibitions / Trade Shows
- Professional  Interpreter (Chinese, English, Russian)

– Private Tour Guide ( According to your preferences, can show you ancient untouched Shanghai, shop tours, wine tours and etc.)

– Quality Inspection

–  Assistant service

My interpersonal skills would make me an asset to your business.

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1 thought on “Your reliable Business Assistant/ Interpreter”

  1. I was a assistant for exibition at Shanghai New Exhibition center on 29,30,31 August at ACLE 2018. Timing at morning 9am to 5 pm. Are you available.

    Rahul Singh
    Whats App +91 9871668243


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