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Need assistance selling your products to China?

Here is a list of services we offer to solve the language barrier for you.

Escort / Liaison Interpreter

Accompanies you to visit suppliers / buyers / agents, factories, trade shows, wholesale markets etc.

If you need to visit suppliers / buyers / agents in China and you just need someone who can interpret your conversation with the other party in a face to face manner, without extreme high accuracy (enough to make sure both parties understand each other), you will need an escort / liaison interpreter.

Simultaneous Interpreter

Simultaneously interprets speaker's speech

If you need the speaker’s speech interpreted simultaneously (interpreter interprets as speaker delivers their speech), you’ll need simultaneous interpreting. 

Pros and Cons of SI: 

Simultaneous interpretation (SI) suffers the disadvantage that if a person is performing the service the interpreter must do the best he or she can within the time permitted by the pace of source speech. However they also have the advantages of saving time and not disturbing the natural flow of the speaker. (Quote from Wikipedia)

Consecutive Interpreter

Interprets speaker's speech after pause

If you need the speaker’s speech interpreted after a pause, you’ll need consecutive interpreting. 

Pros and Cons of CI: 

In consecutive interpreting (CI), the interpreter starts to interpret when the speaker pauses. Therefore, the time needed is much greater (possibly double the time needed). Traditionally, the interpreter will sit or stand near the speaker.

Consecutive interpretation can be conducted in a pattern of short or long segments according to the interpreter’s preference. In short CI, the interpreter relies mostly on memory whereas, in long CI, most interpreters will rely on note-taking. This affords a truer, more accurate, and more accessible interpretation than where short CI or simultaneous interpretation is used. (Quote from Wikipedia)

Translator (Translate Texts)

If you need someone to translate your documents, website content etc. You'll need a translator.

We work with the best translators in China to guarantee the quality of our work.

Our translators are either graduates from TsingHua University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking University (China’s Top Universities) or those who are professional in a specific industry.

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