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Shanghai Nightlife

Shanghai stands for the most colorful city for night life in China, but a lot of people have no idea of the bars or clubs here, let me introduce some to you here.

Xintiandi: Xintiandi is the most popular place for foreigners and visitors, many clubs, bars here, it’s a big place, you could even enjoy the whole night here, many nice girls will come here after 10:00 pm, singers and small movie stars, of course it’s the most luxury night life place in Shanghai.

Tongchuan Road: Good for small drinks, coffee etc, enjoy the traditional view of Shanghai.

Nanjing Road: Nice place for shopping and luxury place.

Haerbin Road: Very quiet place for night life, not like the other places, people who like the quiet and Japanese style, this is a first choice.

Bund: The most busiest place for night sight seeing.


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  1. Thanks for your information and I have some clients want to travel Shanghai, and I can use this information to guide them thanks a lot.

  2. The best Shanghai clubs for foreigners are located on the Bund, as well as the best restaurants with amazing view.

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