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China Simultaneous Interpretation Service Trusted by World Fortune 500

Experienced and Certified Simultaneous Interpreters in China

We have a large database of simultaneous interpreters from full time interpreters to university professors, lecturers, doctors and masters with certifications and rich experience in industries including but not limited to finance, investing, IT, banking, beauty, automobile, electrics, electronics, politics etc.


Professional Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment



Meetings, Lecturing, Round Table, Seminars, Training, Forums etc.

Guarantee and Payment

Upon request of simultaneous interpreters, we will recommend interpreters that best suit your needs. Resumes may be provided and a pre evaluation by call or video can be arranged. We believe this is the best way to guarantee that the interpreters are the ones you need.

After confirmation, we may charge a certain amount of deposit depending on each case. Payment can be made through PayPal, Western Union, Credit Card, Cash etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation or Consecutive Interpretation?

You can easily google the definition of both, but we’ll just make it simple for you:

Simultaneous Interpreting means “Real Time” interpreting. Interpreter interprets while speaker delivers the speech.

Consecutive Interpreting means interpreter interprets after speaker finishes a paragraph of sentences.

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