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Translator or Interpreter, Both Lonely Jobs

When we put up ads on the Internet to seek interpreting opportunities, we specifically place both Translator and Interpreter in the title, which means we know consciously or subconsciously that potential customers may search either term for interpreters. And true enough, more than once my clients discussed with me if there was any difference between … Read more

Suppliers or Wholesale Market?

Clients coming to Guangzhou, China, usually know where to find the supplies they need and contact their local agents or temporary interpreters only to establish contact, arrange meetings and take care of future liaison after they return home. However, it does happen sometimes that unprepared customers arrive without any concrete plan or firm idea about … Read more

Tips for travelling to Beijing

Tips for travelling to Beijing   Beijing temperature difference is large, please prepare 1-2 long sleeve shirts and other items.   Beijing summer high temperature and rainy, should pay attention to bask in the sun, also should pay attention to watch the sky take an umbrella.   A map of Beijing. This is important because … Read more

Importance of the preparation for sourcing task

Many sourcing agent start to sourcing the product only after their clients arrive in China, however, I think that is a big mistake. Unless the clients contact the sourcing agent after they arrive in China, the sourcing agent must do lots of preparation for the sourcing if they know the clients before their clients come … Read more

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