The best seasons to travel in China

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January: Harbin and Jilin
January is the coldest month during a year in North China. Harbin is called as ‘Eastern Paris’. It’s the capital of Heilongjiang Province and has very long history of diverse communication between western countries. You can enjoy a full snowy view totally different with water towns in South China.


February: Hainan
Hainan is a best place where you find warmness while other places are very cold. It is a place spoiled by nature: blue water, soft beach, delicious seafood and all other special snacks.


March: South China
The best choice is to visit southern cities in this season. North is still cold while these cities have wandered into spring with beautiful flowers and soft wind. It is a feast of spring. The cities includes Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yangzhou, Zhouzhuan etc.


April: Guilin, Yellow Mountain, Lushan
April is a season for outing to enjoy the nature. Guilin is very famous for its wonderful mountains and Lijiang river is very cute for its enough water in April.
May: Yunan
It is the city of adventure for love and the place where you can have plenty of leisure time.


June: Zhangjiajie
Find a cool and beautiful place to spend the hottest season in China.


July: Qingdao, Dalian
Have a romantic summer with the sea!


August: Tibetan
Mysterious and rough Tibetan.


September: Xinjiang
To experience the harvest!


October: Jiuzhaigou
A magic place.


November: Guizhou
This is a place you can see the realest life in China where many different nationalities live there.


December: Hongkong
The paradise of shopping


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