Tips for Interpreters

Interpreter Database is dedicated to providing easy, fast and accurate service for clients looking for an interpreter, translator, sourcing agent or tour guide in China.

Cred Point is a service provider’s credibility point at Interpreter Database, based on which service providers are sorted descend. It is designed to better guarantee the quality of service providers.

How to gain more Cred Points:

1, Provide good services and gain positive review/comment from customers.

This is the most important method to gain Cred Points. Besides, it also convinces new clients.

2, Create a post.

3, Verify ID, Driver License, Passport etc.

All the certificates provided by interpreters will be used for verification only. Please send your ID, Driver Lisense, Passport copy to [email protected] and include your User ID in your email for us to verify. Cred Points will be granted after successful verification.

Cred Points Plan

  1. Successful registration: +1000 Cred Points;
  2. Publish a post: +100 Cred Points. 
  3. Receive a positive comment from client: +50 Cred Points;
  4. Receive a negative comment from client: -50 Cred Points (need to be confirmed);
  5. Your comment marked spam: -10 Cred Points.
  6. Verify ID, Passport, Driver License etc.: +100 Cred Points;
  7. Submit fake or others’ certificates: Stop cooperation & terminate account.


  1. 成功注册. +1000 信用值
  2. 发布文章. +100 信用值/篇.
  3. 获得客户的积极评价. +50 信用值/评价
  4. 获得客户的消极评价. -50 信用值/评价
  5. 垃圾评论. -10 信用值/评论
  6. 认证证件, 包括身份证, 护照,驾驶证等. +100信用值
  7. 提交虚假信息或他人信息. 取消合作,关闭账户.

NOTE: Cred Points are virtual credits applied on only. We will not buy back Cred Points acquired by interpreters by any means.

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