Tips for visiting the Forbidden City



I visited forbidden city, Beijing twice in these 2 years, and I want to share my experience for visiting the forbidden city.


The best time for visiting the forbidden city is in the afternoon, because there are too many people gather together and try to entry the forbidden city in the morning, and you have to line up in the long line for purchasing the ticket. It is also too crowd and is hard for you to walk and make the beautiful photos, and the people will push each other because that is too crowd, and really make you feel very uncomfortable.


If you visit the forbidden city in the afternoon, you will feel much more relax and comfortable because there is much less tourists that time, and really help you to enjoy your trip and take the beautiful photos. The average time for finishing visit the forbidden city for each client is about one to one and half hour, so if you visit in the afternoon, then you must have enough time to visit, and you do not need to really visit in the morning and put yourself under the stressful environment.


The forbidden city only allow 50,000 people to visit, and you have better visit the forbidden city and purchase the ticket no later than 2:30pm, because the ticket may sold out if you go too late.


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Michael Huang


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5 thoughts on “Tips for visiting the Forbidden City”

  1. I strongly recommend to visit the forbidden city in the afternoon but not in the morning, because there is too many people and too crowd in the morning.

  2. Entrance ticket to forbidden city will be available online only. This new policy will be carried out soon.


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