Tips for travelling to Beijing

photo of forbidden city

Tips for travelling to Beijing


  1. Beijing temperature difference is large, please prepare 1-2 long sleeve shirts and other items.


  1. Beijing summer high temperature and rainy, should pay attention to bask in the sun, also should pay attention to watch the sky take an umbrella.


  1. A map of Beijing. This is important because Beijing’s scenic spots are not big enough and can visit many places in one day, so it is important to buy a map to do the planning, save time and save money.


  1. A bus pass. This doesn’t have to be explained, the bus is 4 hairs, absolute value, you deserve to have.


  1. A little food. A small amount of good, to prepare for the future, Beijing is not a deep mountain old forest, buy things very convenient, but the scenic spot is more expensive, take a bit to deal with the absolute enough, but the water must not be less.




  1. Beijing has a large city and a large number of cars, and drivers in Beijing are very observant of the traffic order, but it is still very easy to get stuck in traffic. Especially on the main road. So, in Beijing, you must have plenty of time. If possible, take the subway as far as possible. It’s better to have a bus pass, a Beijing bus, and a swipe card at 0.4 yuan, which is a lot cheaper than buying a ticket. The Great Wall will be more economical. (the “one card” is available at all subway stations, and the card is also convenient, and the money is not fully repaid.)


  1. There are more thieves in the Beijing bus, pay attention to the belongings


  1. The tourists should pay attention to distinguish the illegal rental car, and that usually takes Beijing B as car number is formal taxi


  1. There are more black tour buses in Beijing, mainly in tiananmen and qianmen, and don’t trust them to take a formal tour bus to the Beijing tourist center




  1. Beijing’s front door is the old town, close to the fence, liulichang and tiananmen square. The front door has many guesthouses, good and bad, but first look at the house before deciding.


  1. There are many people on qianmen street who ask if you’re going to the Great Wall. It’s best to ignore them. They’re arranging you to take a trip by car, wasting your time. If you only go to the badaling Great Wall, take the bus to deshengmen station, and take the 919 suburban bus. It’s twelve yuan one way. It’s very comfortable. The Great Wall has the upper hand, go in the fall and wear more clothes.


  1. In Beijing, if you are a taxi driver or someone else, don’t go to the royal temple. In fact, it was a Taoist temple dedicated to the emperor, and the Taoist priest did not see it. If you want to burn incense, the lama temple is a good place. Can take the subway to arrive, Tibetan Buddhism important temple, rent a lecture, or listen to the guide’s explanation, can learn a lot of things. There are many things to enjoy, but not photography or photography in your highness. After coming out, can go to the national eunuch street to transfer, visit the temple of Confucius, the state, the entrance fee is cheap, ancient trees ginseng. There is an online recommendation of the alley Berlin temple, but inside is a lot of units, security guard not allowed to visit, don’t go.


  1. In tiananmen square, don’t say political jokes and misdeeds.


  1. Visit the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the scenic spot many people, should pay attention to safety.


  1. Visit MAO zedong memorial hall, military blog and so on, mobile phone should turn off, the behavior wants civilization, not loudly and loudly


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