Travelling to More Than One City?


I’ve heard from customers a lot that they are travelling to more than one city and want a suggestion from me whether he should hire an interpreter for all the city travels or one local interpreter for each city.

Well, today I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you.

Cases when you should hire one interpreter or translator for your whole trip to different cities:

  • You are attending high end meetings and can’t afford mistakes on translation;
  • You need translator to assist you with travelling within China, like buying tickets, going places etc.;
  • You are ready to cover cost for interpreter’s travel and accommodation;
  • You don’t want to spend too much time on finding multiple interpreters etc.

Cases when you should hire one local interpreter in each city you’re going to visit:

  • You don’t have bugget for interpreter’s travel and accommodation;
  • You have no problem travelling to different cities in China yourself;
  • You prefer to a local assistant in each city for your travel or future business needs.

Either way, Interpreter Database is ready to help.

Just browse the interpreter list or contact us for a recommendation and your requirements will be met.

Good luck~

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4 thoughts on “Travelling to More Than One City?”

  1. In my experience, I received some customers who had been using other translators before they turned to me and their business had been progressing for some time in China. Translator are quick to learn. However, the more threads that are left free, the more chance of making mistakes because the client may forget to give their transators sufficient information leading to misunderstanding. The use of separate interpreters in different cities faces the same problem. Each interpreter has to start all over again and the client has to TRAIN and ADAPT to his/her new interpreter for a while. It’s a waste of time and a risk to their business.


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