Trip to Water Town Near Shanghai


A lot of people heard about the beautiful water towns near Shanghai, actually Shanghai has several different water towns, let me introduce them to you.

The most famous one is Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang is in Suzhou city, around one hour driving away from Shanghai, with more than 100 years history and two rivers cross it. Very worth to visit.

Tongli, is in Zhejiang province, famous for movie shooting, a lot of famous movies were produced there.

Zhujiajiao, the nearest one from Shanghai downtown, free of ticket, just a little small, if your time is limit and want to visit the water town, Zhujiajiao is the best choice.

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4 thoughts on “Trip to Water Town Near Shanghai”

  1. I bring some of my clients to watertown like zhou zhuang and xi tang, and they are all very impressive

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