When can I keep luggage when I want to visit the Bund and Nanjing Road when I am in Shanghai


When travelling to Shanghai and you want to visit Nanjing East Road or the bund in the last day of your trip before you go to the train station or the airport. The luggage is always a headache because it is really unconvenient to travel with many luggages. So you might need to have a place to keep the luggages.

But where can you go? And where is the most convenient place for you if you want to visit Nanjing East Road and the bund?

I have found out a great place in the centre of Shanghai for storage luggages in our trip. It is Shanghai Museum of Natural History. You can easily reach it by metro. If you come from Shanghai Hongqiao Station, you can take metro line 2 and go out from People’s Square. To make sure you find the right exit to the museum you had better ask officer there in the metro station to save time. Or if you are from line 13, you can go out from Shanghai Museum of Natural History. Then you are right there already.

When you reach the museum, you only have to pay 25CNY to buy a ticket then you can keep your luggage there. Please pay attention to the close time. It is run till 5:00pm. So make sure you can come back at that time and get your luggage.

After you have your luggage storaged, you can travel from line 2 again to Nanjing East Road and there you can walk throught to the bund. The most near exit is gate 2 and 7.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Angela Feng


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3 thoughts on “When can I keep luggage when I want to visit the Bund and Nanjing Road when I am in Shanghai”

  1. Thanks for sharing, and I can forward this practical and valuable information to my client if they visit shanghai, and this storage place really helps tourist to reduce their burden and make sure that they have a happy journey.


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