Where are the underware/ lingeries wholesale market in Guangzhou?

Most of the people in Guangzhou they know where are the wholesale market for garments. But where are the underware/ lingeries wholesale market located?

Here are the most famous underware market in Guangzhou which I have visited before:

1. Guangzhou Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market
Add: Jinxiang Building, No. 193 Zhanqian road, Guangzhou 广州市站前路193号金祥大厦

2. Wu Fu Underwear Wholesale Market
Add: No.499 Sanyuanli Road, Guangzhou  广州市三元里大道499号

3. Guangzhou Wanjia Underwear Wholesale Market
Add: No. 143 Xianlie Dong road, Guangzhou  广州市先烈东路143号

4.Guangzhou Shahe Garment Wholesale Market
Add: No. 15, Lianquan road, Shahe area, Guangzhou. 广州沙河濂泉街15号

From all these above markets, Jinxiang is the one which is the most comprehensive one with all different kinds underwear and also role play suit. Price in Shahe is the cheapest one in Guangzhou.

If you want to know more about these markets. Please feel free to contact me.


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