Yiwu cosmetic&skin care market


Expect Guangzhou beauty exchange center, Yiwu is also a main base for cosmetic and skin care products. There are over 300factories set up their showroom here in Yiwu cosmetic market, which located in Yiwu international trade city, district 3, floor 3.


Unlike Guangzhou beauty exchange center, most of the factory do OEM, need customer to place big order for production, however around 80% of the suppliers in Yiwu cosmetic market have stock to sell.

This helps the small- medium and the customers who want to start the new business a lot. The MOQ    for the products in stock, is only 1-2ctns per item and total 5 cartons for delivery.That means if you order less than 5cartons from one shop, they will charge the deliver fee.

This is a professional export market, so all the package and packing box are all in English. Moreover, like lip sticker, lip gloss suppliers, eye shadow… the suppliers sell by package, which mixed different colors and also offer the cardboard display, which helps customer better display the products, make great contribution to the sales.

Here, for example, 48pcs lip glosses mixed 12different colors pack in one cardboard display.

12pcs blusher mixed 4 colors pack in one display.

And other packages are also available.

Perfume, fragrance suppliers occupy a not small proportion in Yiwu cosmetic market.

They also can do OEM base on clients’ sample. As we all known, package plays a very important role in the sales of the perfume. In this cosmetic market you also can find suppliers for all kind of package here, some of them specialize in perfume bottle.

This is one of the supplier focuses on perfume package. But the MOQ for the bottle, no matter glass or plastic, all need 10,000pcs-12,000pcs each. Same as the package suppliers in Guangzhou beauty exchange center. But if the design you picked the factory already have on order, then they can combine the order and you can order less than MOQ.

Here is one supplier specializes in body wash and shampoo. Most of the products are in stock. They offer regular and high standard products meet the customers from all different need.

This is a supplier sell skin care products with wide range, facial wash, facial cream, eye cream, facial mask, lotion, toner with different functions.


In addition to cosmetics and skin care products, there are suppliers for cosmetic tools in Yiwu market. The MOQ for brush and tools always need 1000pcs-1200pcs each design, but some of the styles are in stock, that require 500-600pcs to order.


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