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About Interpreter Database

Interpreter Database is a platform dedicated to connecting interpreters and clients who need interpretation services. In addition to oral interpretation, we provide document translation services to meet all your needs.

Ever since the very beginning, Interpreter Database has aimed to providing easy, fast and reliable linguistic services for clients seeking an interpreter, translator or sourcing agent in China.

We want you to feel confident that the interpreters you choose from our platform are reliable.

Along the journey of the 5 years since we launched, we’ve proven to be one of the most reliable platforms out there and we look forward to continuing that well into the future.

The website: InterpreterDatabase.com belongs to Yiwu Yuekan E-commerce Trading Ltd and “广州骏马驰骋网络科技有限公司”, a member of TAC (Translators Association of China)

About Leon

Interpreting for Mr. Ban Ki-moon and Mayor of Hezhou City

My name is Leon Liang and I’m the founder of Interpreter Database.

Before Interpreter Database, I was a freelance English-Chinese interpreter interpreting for clients who come to China for businesses.

Now, I spend most of my time interpreting for clients as well as maintaining and improving Interpreter Database.

Knowing that the platform is bridging clients and interpreters everyday is what keeps me moving forward.

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