1, What does Interpreter Database do?
Interpreter Database is a platform for interpreters, translators and tour guides to list their profiles and allow clients to search for and contact for their services.

2, How to search effectively on Interpreter Database?
Interpreter Database allows clients to search by languages, services, cities, industries, gender etc. to make it easier and faster for clients to find the right interpreter like never before. Clients can also go to our interpreter list page to view different interpreters and contact them for further details.

3, Can you recommend me an interpreter instead?
Yes. If you don’t want to search by yourself, simply go to page: recommend an interpreter for free page, fill the information and we will be glad to recommend those who meet your requirements for FREE in a quick manner.

4, How to pay?
Interpreter Database does not control the quotation or payment method required by interpreters. Please negotiate with your interpreter. Generally speaking, we don’t suggest you to make full payment before the service.

5, Do I need to pay for extra hours?
Though most of our interpreters don’t charge for extra hours, it is recommended that you confirm with your chosen interpreter.

6, How do you protect my privacy?
Privacy is priority in our business operation. More details can be found at Privacy Policy page.

7, How can I find a interpreter that’s experienced in my industry?
Please let us know your detailed requirement and we will recommend appropriate interpreters to you. You can also include your industry when searching an interpreter on our website.

8, I haven’t finalized my schedule yet. May I call you for a recommendation after I arrive in China?
Yes. Contact us via any way your are comfortable with and we will recommend an available interpreter for you asap.

10, How to list my profile on Interpreter Database?
If you are an interpreter, translator or tour guides and want to list your profile on our platform, please register and update your information by filling the required and optional fields. Then, you will be listed on our member listing page automatically.

11, What is Cred Point?
Cred Point is an interpreter’s credibility point at Interpreter Database, based on which interpreters are sorted. It is designed to better guarantee the quality of interpreters.

12, How do I rank higher on Interpreter Database?
Interpreter Database ranks members based on their Cred Points. The higher the better ranking. Please check out Tips for Interpreters page for a full list of suggestions.

13, Any Tips on creating a convincing profile page?
Please check out Tips for Interpreters page.

14, Why do I need to write more posts?
We will pick good posts from Interpreter Community where you can write posts and earn Cred Points. A good post will be awarded certain Cred Points. Also, it’s more likely that clients will find you through your post by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo so that your profile gets more visibility and thus, chances are greater for people to contact you.

15, What are my legal responsibilities?
You are expected to follow laws of the People’s Republic of China and to take full and sole legal responsibility for all activities in connection with service provided by Interpreter Database within China. We do not tolerate any misconduct toward our interpreters. Our interpreters can stop the service and there will be no refund for remaining service.

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