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Pro English-Chinese Escort Interpreter

From: $499 /Day (8 hours)

This service is ideal for: Visiting suppliers, factories, wholesale markets and trade shows in China.

A Pro English-Chinese (Mandarin) interpreter makes you 100% understood with:

  1. Fluent English and Chinese
  2. Rich experience in international trade
  3. Solid interpretation skill
  4. Proactive attitude

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Start booking by selecting a “Start Date” and “End Date” for each city:

What is a Pro interpreter?

At Interpreter Database, we define a ‘Pro Escort Interpreter’ as an interpreter who speaks fluent English and Chinese, possesses solid interpretation skills, has experience in international trade and has a proactive attitude.

Our value for you

  1. Clear understanding between you and your suppliers: A Pro interpreter captures the nuances and makes sure you’re 100% understood. 
  2. Smooth and pleasant communication experience: A Pro interpreter speaks fluent English that makes you feel like doing business at home.
  3. Never late for a meeting: A Pro interpreter is always on time or ahead of time. No excuses.

"Making yourself 100% understood by the supplier is extremely important in that it'll save you time and money on potential mistakes caused by misunderstandings."

Our customers love us! Thank you!

Allen Grubb, President of D&P Enterprises

Leon was more than I could hope for in an interpreter. He speaks great English. Leon was very professional, showed up on time every day, helped my manager and I navigate all of our factory visits, and was great at the Canton Fair. Leon went above and beyond helping us with everything. I would recommend Leon, he is a wonderful person and will be a great help in any negotiations.

Leon of Interpreter Database was incredibly flexible and professional in helping my international team procure interpretation services for a one week business visit in China.

I would highly recommend his company for future projects.
Justin Archangel
Senior Program Assistant, Social Impact
Leon Liang worked with us during a large wood products Trade Show in Guangzhou. He was assigned to us thru Canada Wood and was an excellent asset thru the entire tradeshow. Leon absorbed the information on our product line and effectively helped us communicate with Trade Show Attendees. The Show was a success for our company and due in large part to Leon's interpretive services.
Peter Van Amelsfoort
Yard manager, Quality Hardwoods Ltd.
Leon, before I forget, you did a great job today. Very professional. It was my great luck to have your help today and to make a new friend! I really enjoyed spending my day with you. I wish you the best of success in all your endeavors and offer my help if you ever need it.
Kurt Lammon
President, Polyvance
Our experience with Interpreter Database was AMAZING! The communication with him before the trip was great, we scheduled a conference call before the trip so the CEO of our company could meet him and talk to him.

Leon is very responsible and reliable! He helped us even before the trip was booked, and after our CEO got there he helped him in so many ways besides interpreting services. 100% Recommended!!!!
Lilian Hudak
Human Resources Coordinator, Logic Controls Inc.

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Visit your suppliers with a Pro interpreter for a successful trip

Step 1: Book an interpreter online

Simply select "City" and "Date" from the form above to book interpeters according to your needs.

You can pay with your preferred methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Credit Card etc.

Step 2: We deliver the service

After your booking, we'll get in touch with you to confirm your booking details and arrange Pro interpreters accordingly. 

We will ask you for materials to get prepared, the venue and time to meet with you and any other necessary information.

Step 3: Feedback

After delivery of the service, please leave us a review to let us know how we're doing. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Service details explained

What’s included in the service?

A Pro English-Chinese interpreter providing escort interpreting services.

How many hours are included in a day?

8 hours. In some cases, for example, a trade show lasts from 9am-6pm, which is 9 hours, we still consider this as a day without charging for overtime.

What’s the overtime rate?

Daily rate/8 per hour.

How to pay overtime fees?

We are flexible. You can pay it to our interpreter in cash, pay with PayPal etc., or any other payment methods that you prefer.

Cancellation and refund policy

Over 14 days prior to the start date: 100% refund;
7-14(include) days prior to the start date: 50% refund;
3-7(include) days prior to the start date: 30% refund;
0-3(include) days prior to the start date: no refund
Note: Changes to the date or rescheduling are considered as cancellations.

What if there’re no available interpreters for your booked cities and dates?

Even though this will unlikely happen, we’ll offer full refund if we can’t arrange an interpreter as per your booking details.

Do you offer car rental services?

Yes we do, even though we wouldn’t suggest you to rent a car most of the time, due to availability of Didi (like Uber) in most areas.

However, if for any reason you prefer to have a car while in China, we can offer you the services. Simply let us know your requirement by email: [email protected]

Do you provide receipts or invoices?


Accepted payment methods?

PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer. You can see the options at checkout.

Make yourself clearly understood

And save the cost of misunderstandings


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