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Visit factories, wholesale markets and trade shows in Foshan efficiently with our professional translation services.

No language barriers => Visit more suppliers => Close better deals => Make more profit

20+ Interpreters and Translators in Foshan

Quality is our NO.1 pursuit.
Business oriented interpreters you can count on for your import from China business.

Foshan agent

Professional interpreter, translator and sourcing agent

Rose Yang, Foshan

Foshan interpreter

Foshan interpreter and sourcing services

Jerry Cheng, Guangzhou

Foshan translator

Translation and sourcing services in Foshan

Foshan sourcing agent

Foshan sourcing services

10 Language Pairs

Mandarin and Cantonese interpreters that eliminate your language barriers

English-Chinese is our most frequently requested language pair and we have the most Mandarin-English and Cantonese-English interpreters.

But we also have enough interpreters for Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

All in One Business Services for Your Hassle Free Trip to Foshan

We're beyond interpreting.
We know how it feels to visit a foreign country where people speak different languages, have different cultures and eat different foods.
And we try our best to make it easy for you.

1. Assist Trip Planning

NOT all dates are good for visiting suppliers.

Share with us your intended travel dates and we'll help you avoid public holidays and suggest the best time to come.

2. Suggest Hotel Areas

Based on the places (factories, wholesale markets, trade show complexes) you visit, we'll suggest the areas that save you time.

3. Airport Pickup

If needed, we can pick you up from the airport upon your arrival, so you can enjoy a smooth experience with language coverage from the very beginning.

4. Car Rental

Having a car while visiting suppliers is time-saving.

We provide car rental services to meet all your needs: 5, 7, 9 seats and more.

5. Suggest Restaurants

Wanna try Chinese food? We'll suggest nice restaurants based on your tastes.

Don't want Chinese food? We'll suggest restaurants that offer foods of your liking, be it Italian, French, Japanese or Thai etc.

6. Suggest Shopping Malls

Wanna buy some gifts after your business visits? We can suggest you some suitable shopping malls based on the products you want to buy, or simply to explore what's available.

7. Suggest Scenic Spots

Wanna take a break by visiting scenic spots? We can suggest suitable ones, be it natural scenery, historical sites, museums, and more.

8. Airport See-off

If needed, we will take you to the airport and see you off there. This marks the end of our services for your trip in China.

9. Follow up orders

Need further help following up your orders from various suppliers? We can be your local agent and manage your orders.

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