How to Find a Real and Good Manufacturer in China?


You might already know China is “Factory of the World”.

But do you know how to find a manufacturer in China? We’re talking about a good and real factory that’s 100% qualified as your supplier.

In this guide I’m going to show you how to find a manufacturer in China.

Why is China the Place to Source Manufacturers From?

  • Low-cost Production

Rich resources and cheap labor that will significantly reduce production cost. Also, the pragmatic and diligent virtue of the Chinese makes them trustworthy partners.

  • Great Choice Manufacturers

With a large population, vast land, and many years of experience in processing, China has been able to spawn out many experienced factories.

  • Complete Infrastructure

Experienced in processing and production. Produces export products all year round. Already possesses the perfect infrastructure and environment, from raw materials to logistics.

  • Various Industry Clusters

The industrial clusters are well developed and many. In China, each region has its own industry positioning. This makes every individual manufacturer better

Manufacturers or Factories are better than Trading Companies – Sometimes, not always

Many importers prefer working with factories instead of trading companies for one solid reason:

To get a lower price.

A true and experienced manufacturer in your industry will be invaluable to you in the long run.

However, this isn’t always the case. It totally depends on your business model. If you are looking for different types of products. It’s better for you to work with trading companies or agents because at the end of the day, these suppliers would be taking a lot of headaches away from you.

If you are a small company planning to order several hundreds of units per style from a sizeable factory, you are to expect one of two outcomes:

The company either ignores you. Or accepts your order and still don’t give you a good price as you expected.

Where Do You Begin Your Search to Find A Manufacturer in China? 

  • Online Free Wholesale Marketplace

This includes online marketplaces such as,,  and

  • Social Networks – LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

More Chinese manufacturers are realizing that building a company profile can help them get access to foreign buyers. Therefore, you can search on these two social networks to find a manufacturer in China. Doing this may lead you to the profile of the factory you are in need of.

  • Chinese or Global Industry Trade Fair

Trade shows are still some of the most efficient ways to find a reliable manufacturer in today’s world.

Nowadays, Chinese suppliers go to famous industry exhibitions around the world to participate in the show. You can spend a few days meeting a large number of suppliers and having face-to-face communication with them.

  • Sourcing Companies

Finding a professional and reliable partner to help you with your importation business is quite common. Especially since the local experts know how to check the legitimacy of the manufacturer in their local way.

They’ll be able to help you to find the best manufacturer in your industry as well as provide you with some local business hacks. This kind of local, professional agent company is invaluable. They can save you a lot of time and money.

In conclusion, looking for manufacturers for your business is an ongoing process. You just have to make your research, and decide on which supplier is great for you, depending on what you have on your list.



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