What Can Purchasing Agent Do For You?


With rapid development of industry, China is providing with various kinds of products to all over the world constantly. Low-cost production, completed supplying chain and good-quality products are the attractive points of “Made-in-China”, which draws attention of the world.

How to select a suitable supplier in China among the countless factories or trading companies and arrange shipment to export products is a big headache to some clients interested in importing from China, especially the new ones.

Normally, it’s popular to search what to buy on Alibaba, Made-in-China or some online shopping platforms. The quantity of suppliers on them is enormous with most of products made in China, meanwhile, it’s confusing to choose one while millons of suppliers show up together.

Besides, fairs and exhibitions were very important before the epidemic period. It’s good for you to see the real products and visit the boothes to find out which suppliers are easy to work with. Since the pandemic is still indulging in wilful persecution, there’s no way to visit any fairs to meet any suppliers at this moment.

Moreover, social media is a new method to look for suppliers, but the range of suppliers from China is narrow and hard to get guarantee, especially those are foreign companies.

In this circumstance, the importance of purchasing agent is obvious. There’re many clients looking for suppliers by the ways mentioned above and giving me the same feedback that they can’t make decision to choose suppliers in China from thousands of options.  They feel lost and don’t know how to start the plan until they meet an interpreter or purchasing agent finally.

A professional purchasing agent will tell the clients where they can get the products, how to deal with the suppliers from China in good way, how to check the quality of products and how to arrange shipment and do documents. The most important is that a reliable purchasing agent is the one who protects clients from falling into scams as a friend. With a local Chinese interpreter or sourcing agent, the clients can save more time and energy to expand their business.

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