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Introducing www.weservicers.com

We’ve created a new platform to enhance customer experience when looking for an interpreter and translator. Check out: https://www.weservicers.com Main Features (Apart from what’s available on Interpreter Database): Book on line with your favorite payment: PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer. Better review system that allows only customers who’ve purchased service to submit a review. Better … Read moreIntroducing www.weservicers.com

10 年采购代理的困惑

2006年从大学毕业。做了两年的办公家具销售,从2008年起正式做采购代理。在广州一家公司工作了5年。从业务跟单做到业务主管,也从20来岁做到30出头。后来公司倒闭,自己出来创业。现在人到中年,虽然每年收入尚可,但是终归是有些迷茫。 因为性格原因:喜欢独处,不是很喜欢交际,没有很大野心也不善于管理团队所以一直没有把公司做大,多年过去除了几个合作伙伴,大多时候仍然是单打独斗。不知道这样下去自己一个人还能撑多久。 生活上,忙的时候是真忙,感觉都要累出病来,闲的时候又很闷。除了爱人和工作伙伴身边也没有太多朋友。想想再过几年就40岁,有很严重的中年危机感。 虽然并不是一无所有,但是好像能把握东西,能期盼的日子却并不多。 不知道是不是所有做自由职业的都这样,也想听听大家的意见和看法。

Yiwu cosmetic&skin care market

Expect Guangzhou beauty exchange center, Yiwu is also a main base for cosmetic and skin care products. There are over 300factories set up their showroom here in Yiwu cosmetic market, which located in Yiwu international trade city, district 3, floor 3.   Unlike Guangzhou beauty exchange center, most of the factory do OEM, need customer … Read moreYiwu cosmetic&skin care market


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Grants Accelerated Assessment for Shire’s Lanadelumab Being Evaluated for the Prevention of Attacks in Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) Patients Aged 12 Years and Older EMA’s accelerated assessment allows Shire a shorter review period from a typical 210 to 150 days Shire is on track to submit EU Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) … Read moreEMA授予夏尔Lanadelumab预防血管性水肿发作的加速评审资格

Purchasing scarves in China? You have to pay a visit here.

Scarves play an important role in fashion accessories, they are not just to keep you warm, but also make you chic. Fashion scarves, beach scarves, winter scarves, silk scarves, Chiffon scarves, the Muslim scarves… No matter what kind of scarves you are looking for, you can find those with various styles and patterns here in … Read morePurchasing scarves in China? You have to pay a visit here.

Be careful when you are making money transaction to another country

English version   Dear Friends, As an agency in China, i have to write to all what i experience recently for helping a client verify the frauds.I hope it can also be a warning or kind reminding for those who only want cheap price products and lack of common sense of international fraud. One client … Read moreBe careful when you are making money transaction to another country

Your reliable Business Assistant/ Interpreter

  My name is Tatyana Daneliya, I’m a Business meeting  Interpreter, who holds a bachelor degree in Chinese language and culture at Shanghai university.  I am a speak read and write Chinese, English and Russian with fluency and have worked as a language interpreter  for over 5 years. As an independent freelance language interpreter I primarily … Read moreYour reliable Business Assistant/ Interpreter

To develop this good habit when you are travelling abroad

Hi everyone! Do you know how important a small receipt is? Today I gonna tell you guys a story of my client during his stay in China few days ago. My client was from France, this was his first time to China, he came with his friend. Here we use S to stand for him. … Read moreTo develop this good habit when you are travelling abroad

Wie viele deutsche Dolmetscher hier?

Guten Tag Leuten! Ich bin Anfänger hier. Früher habe ich keine solchen Erfahrungen als Dolmetscher oder Übersetzer, weshalb ich hier angekommen bin. Ich hoffe, im Laufe des Trainings mehr Erfahrung zu sammeln und zugleich mehr freundliche Freunde wie Sie kennen zu lernen. Meiner Auffassung nach ist Deutsch ein bissschen schwieriger als Englisch zu lernen, da … Read moreWie viele deutsche Dolmetscher hier?

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