A convenient place for Muslim people in Guangzhou



    As a muslim, the most troublesome thing may probably is eating. Guangzhou is famous for eating but most of them are not suitable for muslim, in this article I will recommend the halal restaurants for you.


Location: Xiao Bei Road ( Metro line 5, Xiao Bei station)

Recommended restaurant: Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

In Xiao Bei Road, you can find some halal restaurants, Turkish cuisine, Arabian cuisine, Syrian cuisine etc. This street also has some stores selling halal food such as Canned chicken. They also selling spices so that you can cook in your apartment. Furthermore, you will see some Chinese muslim men there to exchange money, the rate is better than in the bank. And they were always there to serve you.


Location:  Tao Jin( Metro line 5, Tao Jin station)

Recommended restaurant: SULTAN Restaurant Turkish BBQ

This Turkish restaurant has luxurious decoration, food is similar with Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant but price is a little bit higher. Taste was good.




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