Do you know that there is West Lake in Huizhou,Near to Shenzhen

Lots of people know there is a West Lake in Hangzhou but not that many know that there is one in Huizhou near to Shenzhen too—around one and half hour away from shenzhen city.

I’m really not good at descriping a place. for me, I enjoy the tour itself more than taking photos. so even I cant offer you a picture of the lake scene.

The kids can even play there for one day without bothering you. It is a place for relax and enjoy with family or friends.

If you are tired, get a bottle of tea and snacks to enjoy with your family/friends for half a day under the trees shadow.

Opposite to the main entrance on the Huangcheng Xilu, there is a  vegetable market in which you can see what local people sells or eat and get local snacks or specialty there.

P.S. if you go on Chinese Lunar Year January 15th(which we call YuanxiaoJie or Lantern  Festival), you might see gorgerous lighting art with lanterns, animals, trees shape etc.

Well, go ahead to explore it by yourself—You dont even need a translator for such a relax tour unless you might need someone to arrange car pick up or order food.

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  1. Hi Lylian. Thank you for sharing with us. I’m sure this is helpful for those who would like to travel in Shenzhen and places around.


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