The importance of bringing an interpreter with you during your business trip


In many cases, when you visit a company that you want to make an investment in, they will send someone who can speak English to work with you. However, based on the experiences of my previous clients, they tell me that they must bring an interpreter with them when they visit the company where they need to make an investment or where they need to purchase items.

I remember one client, he visited a few factories where people can speak in English but before the trip, he taught me a lot of details about their products because he wanted me to make sure his interests will be protected. Therefore, when I worked for him as an interpreter in cities like dongguan, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhongshan and so on, he asked me to chat with the employees (chinese ) in the company to help him find out something about the company. Also, I had the responsibility of listening to every single conversation from the people in the company. fOR EXAMPLE, for some detailed conversations, there are a lot of things that the employees want to hide them my client, I told him all after our visits.

That is why I think it is necessary to bring a Chinese person on your side with you during the trips. This person works for you so he or she will protect your interests and you will be not be cheated by the partners.

I think a professional interpreter should be smart and flexible to deal with such kind of situation. Also, he should be focused on the job. Take me as an example, i have some personal business during my free time but when I work as an interpreter, I will never take out my phone or even touch my phone during work time because I put the interests of my client at the top of my priority list.

Anyway, Pls contact me if you need to look for a professional interpreter in Guangdong province (guangzhou, shenzhen, zhongshan, zhuhai, dongguan.)


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