Share your experience and gain Cred Points


We want to make this community a place where we are willing to share our thoughts. Sharing is learning. The more we share with others, the more others would like to share with us.

Why Should I Share My Experiences?

We’d like to encourage our interpreters to share their experiences as interpreters and tour guides. These valuable experiences will be helpful references for others, which will in return, encourage more sharing from other interpreters.

Benefits of Sharing

As a way of encouragement, Cred Points will also be granted to interpreters who share experiences with others. Also, if the post turned out very valuable and chosen by Interpreter Database as a featured post, more Cred Points will be granted.

Visit Tips for interpreters to learn more about our Cred Points Granting Plan.

Also, people like those we are open minded and easygoing. More sharing means more people are willing to be friends with you.

Let’s share!

The Interpreter Database Team

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