Tips for purchasing the train tickets in China for foreign clients

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I just had a business trip to Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou, and my clients ask me to purchase the high speed rain ticket from Shanghai to Beijing, and from Beijing to Suzhou, because they want to feel how the high speed train of China because that is the very well known in the world.


I got some experience for purchasing the train ticket and I would like to list below:


  1. The train ticket is very limited and many people want to purchase, so you have better purchase the train ticket online at least 3 days before the departure date to avoid the possible sold out of the ticket.


  1. If you want to purchase the train ticket for your foreign clients on the English Version of, then you need to ask following information of your clients:


  1. Their passport number
  2. Their name shown on the passport.


If you want to purchase rain ticket for the your foreign clients on the Chinese version of, then you need to ask the following information from your clients:


  1. Their passport number.
  2. Their name shown on the passport.
  3. Their date of birth.


  1. You can pick up your train ticket from the ticket taking machine of rain station if you are Chinese citizen and use your Chinese national to purchase the rain ticket. However, you only can pick up the train ticket on the ticket office if you purchase the train ticket by entering your or your client’s passport information.


You need to come to ticket office to pick up the train ticket then is much more better you can come to the train station a little bit earlier ( at least one and half hour before the departure time) because you need to spend the time for line up, sometime it cause you so much time for line up.


Please keep your train ticket even you had already get on the train, because the train station of the destination need you to show the train ticket after you arrive the destination.


Most of the high speed train runs 350 Kilometer per hour, and is fast, comfortable and stable.


This is Michael, an experienced INTERPRETER, SOURCING AGENT and TOUR GUIDE who can work anywhere in China. I had study in Canada and Switzerland for more than 10 years, and this long time oversea background help me more understanding my client’s need and have very efficient communication. With our Service, it will help make your trip very profitable, enjoyable, and comfortable. Moreover, you could overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap easily with our assistance which will save your valuable time.


If you need any help, and please feel free to contact me , and my contact information is below:


Michael Huang

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  1. it is very good experience, and I learn a lot for purchasing the train ticket, and there lots of detail and I never can image this really takes me so much time, but now I am happy, because I have enough experience to deal with the similar or same situation later for my following tasks


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